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Process Consulting

The need for enterprises to transform is driven by their ability to be relevant in a market place that continues to push new frontiers and re-invents itself at a much faster rate than ever before. KRG understands that cost pressures and current economic climate fuel the need to streamline and simplify the business processes and increase operational efficiency. Also, with enterprises operating 24*7, there is a need to have higher up-times and uninterrupted business operations.

KRG offers Process Consulting services to simplify and align businesses with ever changing market place. Simplified process will improve operational efficiencies thereby helping business bottom-line.

A wide-spectrum of our process consulting services includes:

  • Process feasibility studies including value stream mapping to expose duplication/waste in business processes. The isolated areas of improvement can then be improved based on industry best practices tailored to client's specific needs
  • Aligning processes to business goals
  • Providing proven process improvement toolkits that help manage, create and modify existing processes
  • Providing a ready-to-use governance and program management framework that help realize process transformation objectives
KRG brings in proven process expertise and hands on experience to help our clients harness process efficiencies to drive profits. Our approach has ensured multiple benefits to our clients including:
  • Creation of business process blueprints that is efficient and scalable. They continue to provide clients increased business value and also an ability to respond rapidly to business changes
  • Improvement in business productivity driven by process improvement
  • Enterprise-wide resource optimization and exposing wasteful processes by value stream mapping
  • Reduced time to market and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Setup of scalable vehicles within the enterprise that foster process re-engineering, evaluation and implementation thereby providing increased business value
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